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Circuit Wizard 2 Full Version Free 14 Darlhas

Circuit Wizard includes all the standard features of a typical PCB design software, with the ability to speed up board design by a factor of 5 or 10. Circuit Wizard is a revolutionary new system that combines circuit design, PCB design, simulation and CAD/CAM in one complete package. With its current version (3.0), it has become the ultimate tool for PCB design with some of the following features: + * Seamless PCB Design & PCB AutoDesign * Dynamic Component Placement & CAD Tooling * Advanced Layers (hidden layers, ground planes, power planes, etc) * Automatic BGA/QFN/LGA Support & AutoPlace QFP Support * Automatic Board Layouts * 3D Layers * Detailed Pre- and Post-Processing * New Layers from other CAD packages like Gerber & Gerbersuite * Make & Run reports * Define Pads & Stencils & Tooling * 4 & 8 layer technology (4 & 8-layer technology in 3.0.5 is supported in 3.0.6) Due to the huge market growth in China, it is necessary for us to announce the availability of Circuit Wizard Version 3.0.6! − +

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